We are your specialists for adventure and sustainable tourism. The team at Responsible Travel is your perfect partner for all aspects of travel to Amazon Rainforest. Let us plan a comprehensive itinerary for your vacation based on our years of travel experience. Your safety and enjoyment are our primary focus. The members of our team are all avid adventurers and we bring this love of travel and exploration right to you!
Naturalist experienced guides will gladly share their extensive knowledge of rainforest while planning and careful organizing your activities according to your travel interests, making sure it will be an unforgettable experience while your safety will always be our priority.
All members of our jungle staff are enthusiastic globetrotters themselves: We live and love what we do!


We are aware of our social responsibility and have created jobs from the canoe driver, local guides and helpers in a good working environment. Thus, Responsible Travel generates income for many people with the help of its guests and supports local projects and communities. Through cooperation with ethnic groups, the country’s cultural heritage as well as mutual respect between tourists and locals are encouraged. This together offers our guests the opportunity to gain an insight into the culture and nature and often also friends on the other side of the globe.
Let the nature and the fascinating megadiverse and cultures of Amazon Basin inspire you and relax in the dense green vegetation of the tropical rainforest and enjoy the peace of the nature.


Yasuní National Park is considered the most biodiverse and richest protected areas in Ecuadorian Amazon Basin. It symbolizes the abundance of life on Earth, it speaks of a world that shall never be discovered in its entirety, a miracle that will never be completely understood. In practical terms, it is the most bio-diverse ecosystem on earth.

In technical terms it is a “quadruple taxonomic richness center”; a place that in only one hectare contains more living organisms than the entire European continent; a protected tract of land, in which more than a third of all Amazonian mammals are found, including a staggering 60% of all new world wild cats; a tropical garden where only a handful of trees holds as many insect species

The high number of species of birds is the characteristic of Yasuni, birding more than 610 bird species inventoried, give the visitors the best experience in bird watching, an unforgettable adventure in the most biodiverse place on earth.

In Napo Wildlife Center, you get to see beautiful an exotic animals and experience the ancestral culture of its locals. It’s a place where each turn takes you to a wonderful place filled with mesmerizing flora and fauna within the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. See what you could be enjoying with details of the program.